Liu et al. (2024): Dependence of the formation kinetics of carbon dioxide hydrate on clay aging for solid carbon dioxide storage

Huiquan Liu, Shuai Wang, Yixuan Fu, Changrui Shi, Yongchen Song, Lunxiang Zhang, Cong Chen, Zheng Ling IN: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 675,

Clay-based marine sediments have great potential for safe and effective carbon dioxide (CO2) encapsulation by storing enormous amounts of CO2 in solid gas hydrate form. However, the aging of clay with time changes the surface properties of clay and complicates the CO2 hydrate formation behaviors in sediments. Due to the long clay aging period, it is difficult to identify the role of clay aging in the formation of CO2 hydrate in marine sediments. Here, the authors used ultrasonication and plasma treatment to simulate the breakage and oxidation of clay nanoflakes in aging and investigated the influence of clay aging on CO2 hydrate formation kinetics. These results revealed the influence of the structure-function relationship of clay nanoflakes with CO2 hydrate formation and are favorable for the development of hydrate-based CO2 storage.