Baum et al. (2024): Mass-Balance MRV for Carbon Dioxide Removal by Enhanced Rock Weathering: Methods, Simulation, and Inference

Mark Baum, Henry Liu, Lily Schacht, Jake Schneider, Mary Yap IN: arXiv,

Here the authors discuss mass-balance methods, where stocks of base cations in soil are monitored over time to infer the amount of inorganic carbon brought into solution by weathering reactions. First, they review the fundamental concepts of mass-balance methods and explain different ways of approaching the mass-balance problem. Then the authors discuss experimental planning and data collection, suggesting some best practices. Next, they present a software package designed to facilitate a range of tasks in ERW like uncertainty analysis, planning field trials, and validating statistical methods. Finally, they briefly review ways of estimating carbon removal using mass balance before discussing some advantages of Bayesian inference in this context and presenting an example Bayesian model.