Month: January 2021

Friends of the Earth International: A Leap in the Dark: The Dangers of Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)

“Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) is a risky, unproven, costly, and dangerous distraction from the urgent and drastic emissions cuts needed to prevent catastrophic climate change. Yet the fossil fuel industry has been keen to present it as the long-awaited magical climate fix, simply because it would enable them to keep on profiting from the destruction of our communities and ecosystems.”


Microsoft: Sustainability: A year of progress and a decade of action

“We have reduced, we have removed, and we have learned a lot of lessons along the way. Importantly we have not done this alone – we have worked with suppliers, customers, competitors, partners, governments, and employees to make progress. The deep details of this work are encompassed in our first annual[nbsp]sustainability report[nbsp]and our[nbsp]carbon removal whitepaper.”


Call for Applications: Youth Climate Restoration Conference expert sign-up

No Deadline

“Each session will be made up of 4 x 25 minutes (3 x 20 minutes for session 3) discussions with groups of about 5 of the world’s top youth activists. You can chose anything to educate and discuss with them within the overall topics of the sessions, eg in Session 1 you could talk about CDR’s role in achieving various different climate targets, or the impact of tipping points on the need for and feasibility of climate restoration, or the negatives of trying to achieve restoration.”


Forbes: $100 Million From Elon Musk Won’t Enable Carbon Capture

“Funding for research and development of carbon capture technologies is most welcome, and Musk’s donation will surely lead to technological advances in the space. The problems, however, holding back the mass deployment of carbon capture are primarily economic, and a Silicon Valley mindset that champions disruptive innovation as the solution to all problems will fail to advance this important industry.”