Science- Van Dam et al. (2021): Calcification-driven CO2 emissions exceed “Blue Carbon” sequestration in a carbonate seagrass meadow

Bryce R. Van Dam, Mary A. Zeller, Christian Lopes, Ashley R. Smyth, Michael E. Böttcher, Christopher L. Osburn, Tristan Zimmerman, Daniel Pröfrock, James W. Fourqurean, Helmuth Thomas IN: Science Advances Vol 7, Issue 51; DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abj1372

Long-term “Blue Carbon” burial in seagrass meadows is complicated by other carbon and alkalinity exchanges that shape net carbon sequestration. In this paper, the authors argue that the net carbon sequestration potential of seagrass meadows may be overestimated if calcification-induced CO2 emissions are not accounted for, especially in regions where calcification rates exceed net primary production and burial.