Mordick Schmidt et al. (2022): Carbon Negative by 2030: CO2 removal options for an early corporate buyer

Briana Mordick Schmidt, Joshuah K. Stolaroff, Sarah E. Baker, Nathan C. Ellebracht, Whitney Kirkendall, Aaron J. Simon, George Peridas, Eric W. Slessarev, Jennifer Pett-Ridge, Simon H. Pang, Roger D. Aines, Matt Langholtz, February, 2022, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, LLNL-TR-832071, 128 pp.

This report evaluates the options and costs for Microsoft to purchase long-term carbon dioxide (CO2) removal on the approximate scale of 5–6 million metric tons annually by 2030. The scope was largely limited to interventions within the United States, given the resources and expertise of the authors. However, some conclusions may be broadly applicable to carbon markets globally.