Bergero et al. (2022): Technology, technology, technology: An integrated assessment of deep decarbonization pathways for the Canadian oil sands

Candelaria Bergero, Matthew Binsted, Osama Younis, Evan G.R. Davies, Muhammad-Shahid Siddiqui, Rui Xing, Evan J. Arbuckle, Diego V. Chiappori, Jay Fuhrman, Haewon McJeon, Nick Macaluso IN: Energy Strategy Reviews, 41, 2022,

If, while phasing out fossil fuels, there is still a demand for Canadian oil sands, then the decarbonization of the resource production process becomes crucial. In this study, the authors use an enhanced version of the Global Change Analysis Model (GCAM) with a detailed unconventional oil sector for Canada, including mining and in situ resources.