Borchers et al. (2022): Scoping carbon dioxide removal options for Germany–What is their potential contribution to Net-Zero CO2?

Borchers M, Thrän D, Chi Y, Dahmen N, Dittmeyer R, Dolch T, Dold C, Förster J, Herbst M, Heß D, Kalhori A, Koop-Jakobsen K, Li Z, Mengis N, Reusch TBH, Rhoden I, Sachs T, Schmidt-Hattenberger C, Stevenson A, Thoni T, Wu J, Yeates C IN: Front. Clim. 4:810343. doi: 10.3389/fclim.2022.810343

In this study, the authors selected 13 CDR concepts which the authors present in the form of exemplary CDR units described in dedicated fact sheets. They cover technical CO2 removal (two concepts of direct air carbon capture), hybrid solutions (six bioenergy with carbon capture technologies) and five options for natural sink enhancement. (…)To better understand the potential contribution of analyzed CDR options to reaching net-zero CO2 emissions, the authors compare their results with the current CO2 emissions and potential residual CO2 emissions in 2050 in Germany. To complement the necessary information on technology-based and hybrid options, the authors also provide an overview on possible solutions for CO2 storage for Germany.