Mills et al. (2023): Tropical forests post-logging are a persistent net carbon source to the atmosphere

Maria B. Mills, Yadvinder Malhi, Robert M. Ewers, Lip Khoon Kho, Yit Arn Teh, Sabine Both, David F. R. P. Burslem, Noreen Majalap, Reuben Nilus, Walter Huaraca Huasco, Rudi Cruz, Milenka M. Pillco, Edgar C. Turner, Glen Reynolds, Terhi Riutta IN: PNAS 120 (3) e2214462120;

The authors used forest plots and an eddy covariance tower to quantify and partition net ecosystem CO2 exchange in Malaysian Borneo, a region that is a hot spot for deforestation and forest degradation. The data represent the complete carbon budget for tropical forests measured throughout a logging event and subsequent recovery and found that they constitute a substantial and persistent net carbon source.