Kamyab et al. (2023): Carbon dynamics in agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and removals: a comprehensive review

Hesam Kamyab, Morteza SaberiKamarposhti, Haslenda Hashim, Mohammad Yusuf IN: Carbon Letters, https://doi.org/10.1007/s42823-023-00647-4

This study delved into agriculture’s climate impact. It comprehensively analysed emissions from diverse agricultural sources, carbon sequestration possibilities, and the repercussions of agricultural emissions on climate and ecosystems. It addressed carbon sequestration and removal in agriculture, focussing on soil carbon sequestration, afforestation, and reforestation. It highlighted agriculture’s potential not only to reduce emissions, but also to serve as a carbon reservoir, lowering overall GHG impact. The research also scrutinised the multifaceted nature of agriculture, examining the obstacles hindering mitigation strategies, including socioeconomic constraints and regulatory hurdles.