Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) 2024-2044: Technologies, Players, Carbon Credit Markets, and Forecasts

Eve Pope, ITTechEx Research, April 2024

This report provides a comprehensive outlook of the emerging CDR industry and carbon credit markets, with an in-depth analysis of the technological, economic, regulatory, and environmental aspects that are shaping this market. In it, IDTechEx focuses on technologies that actively draw CO₂ from the atmosphere and sequester it into carbon sinks, namely: Direct air carbon capture and storage (DACCS), Biomass with carbon removal and storage (BiCRS) including approaches such as BECCS (bioenergy with carbon capture and storage), biochar, biomass burial, and bio-oil underground injection, Land-based CDR methods, i.e. afforestation and reforestation and soil carbon sequestration techniques, Mineralization NETs that enhance natural mineral processes and Ocean-based CDR methods.