Ho et al. (2024): A CO2 removal technology based on mineral carbonation and the stability of product carbon storage in a cement matrix

Hsing-Jung Ho, Yoshito Izumi, Atsushi Iizuka IN: Environmental Technology & Innovation, 34, 103623, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.eti.2024.103623

This paper proposes a mineral direct air carbon capture and storage in product technology newly designed by a mineral carbon capture reactor through direct feeding of atmospheric CO2. Additionally, a novel concrete mix for use as CO2-storing (CDS) concrete is proposed. This mix contains recarbonates generated using treated water with high Ca content at a ready-mixed concrete plant. The CDS concrete, with a recarbonate content in the range of 2–10% of cement, exhibited very similar initial and mechanical properties compared with ordinary concrete. The CO2 release from the recarbonate in a cement matrix under acidic corrosion and the thermal decomposition were assessed, and the findings are discussed.