Adun et al. (2024): Sustainability implications of different carbon dioxide removal technologies in the context of Europe’s climate neutrality goal

Humphrey Adun, Jeffrey Dankwa Ampah, Olusola Bamisile, Dilber Uzun Ozsahin, Iain Staffell IN: Sustainable Production and Consumption 47, 598-616,

Given its role as a leader in global climate actions, the European Union is expected to take a leading role in CDR developments: yet there is a lack of depth in the region’s CDR strategy and deployment. A comprehensive CDR approach based on integrated assessment modelling for the EU is important to give valuable insights into optimal CDR-based mitigation pathways regarding scalability, technology readiness, trade-offs with the Earth system, and deployment strategies. Here, the authors have used the GCAM-CDR v1.0 to model a diverse novel CDR portfolio of BECCS, DACCS, TEW and OEW in a mid-century carbon neutrality target.