Honvault et al. (2024): Additive effects of basalt enhanced weathering and biochar co-application on carbon sequestration, soil nutrient status and plant performance in a mesocosm experiment

Nicolas Honvault, Marie-Laure Tiouchichine, Joana Sauze, Clément Piel, Damien Landais, Sébastien Devidal, Emmanuel Gritti, Delphine Bosch, Alexandru Milcu IN: Applied Geochemistry 169, 106054, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apgeochem.2024.106054

Co-deployment of a portfolio of carbon removal technologies is anticipated in order to remove several gigatons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and meet climate targets. However, co-application effects between carbon removal technologies have rarely been examined, despite multiple recent perspectives suggesting potential synergies between basalt enhanced weathering and biochar application. To study the co-application effects of basalt for enhanced weathering and biochar on carbon sequestration, along with related co-benefits and risks, the authors conducted a fully replicated factorial mesocosm experiment with wheat.