Category: Media COP26 – Key Outcomes From the UN Climate Talks in Glasgow

By Helen Mountford, David Waskow, Lorena Gonzalez, Chirag Gajjar, Nathan Cogswell, Mima Holt, Taryn Fransen, Molly Bergen and Rhys Gerholdt (World Resources Institute)

“Despite significant headway on several fronts, national climate and financing commitments still fell far short of what is needed to come to grips with the climate challenge. Here’s a summary of where things landed at COP26.”


IEEE Spectrum: Climate Expert – Stop Talking About “Geoengineering”

by Eliza Strickland

“The term is a distraction from crucial research on climate interventions” – Kelly Wanser, the executive director of the non-profit Silver Lining, argues that humanity is already interfering with nature on a global scale; that’s what climate change is all about. She spoke with IEEE Spectrum about her work in encouraging basic scientific research on climate interventions.


Podcast: Carbon Removal at COP26 & the US commits billions towards DAC

by Nori (Carbon Removal Newsroom at Spotify)

The most significant Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) policy updates from COP26 were summarized here. Many countries are pledging to bring their emissions to net-zero in the next few decades. What are the specifics of these new pledges, how does CDR fit into all of this, and what needs to happen to push the CDR industry forward in a timely manner?