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Elfving (2021): Direct capture of CO2 from air using amine-functionalized resin – Effect of humidity in modelling and evaluation of process concepts

Jere Elfving; Dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Science (Technology), Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT, Lappeenranta, Finland; 17th of December, 2021; 195 pp.

In this work, the performance of an amino resin for CO2 capture was studied experimentally in a wide range of conditions. Humidity and cold conditions were found
to nearly double the experimental CO2 adsorption capacity of the studied amino resin in some cases. Based on a working capacity analysis using isotherm modelling, the
typically proposed DAC process using temperature and vacuum swing adsorption (TVSA) with a closed inlet is severely limited in terms of CO2 working capacity.


Springer Book: Application of Soft Computing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Optimizations in Geoengineering and Geoscience

Wengang Zhang, Yanmei Zhang, Xin Gu, Chongzhi Wu, Liang Han; 138 pp.; https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-16-6835-7; Hardcover ISBN 978-981-16-6834-0; eBook ISBN 978-981-16-6835-7

This book summarizes the application of soft computing techniques, machine learning approaches, deep learning algorithms and optimization techniques in geoengineering including tunnelling, excavation, pipelines, etc. and geoscience including the geohazards, rock and soil properties, etc. The book features state-of-the-art studies on use of SC,ML,DL and optimizations in Geoengineering and Geoscience.