Call for Public Comments: Draft Code of Conduct for Scientific Research involving Geoengineering

30. April 2017

“This project builds upon a Draft Code of Conduct for Responsible Scientific Research involving Geoengineering[nbsp]that was prepared by legal scholars Anna-Maria Hubert and David Reichwein, which aims to establish guidelines for the responsible conduct of scientific research involving geoengineering. Published as a working paper in 2015, the Code of Conduct, together with accompanying commentaries, was developed to help equip decision-makers with the necessary knowledge to navigate these challenges.[nbsp]A link to the executive summary of the Code is[nbsp]here. […] Analysis by legal experts and the comments and suggestions made via this website will be used to help refine the Code of Conduct. The purpose of this open consultation is not to generate votes for what is in and what out of the Code, but rather to ensure that all the relevant issues and arguments are reflected in the body of the text. The ultimate aim of the project is to deliver a robust text that States and other actors can draw upon to develop regulations and governance frameworks for geoengineering research.”