Gidden et al. (2022): Policy guidance and pitfalls aligning IPCC scenarios to national land emissions inventories

Gidden, Matthew, Gasser, Thomas, Grassi, Giacomo, Forsell, Niklas, Janssens, Iris, Lamb, William F, Minx, Jan, Nicholls, Zebedee, Steinhauser, Jan, Riahi, Keywan IN: Earth and Space Science Open Archive, 27pp.,

Taking stock of global progress towards achieving the Paris Agreement requires measuring aggregate national action against modelled mitigation pathways. Because of differences in how land-based carbon removals are defined, scientific sources report higher global carbon emissions than national emissions inventories, a gap which will evolve in the future. The authors establish a first estimate aligning IPCC-assessed pathways with inventories using a climate model to explicitly include indirect carbon removal dynamics on land area reported as managed for by countries.