Call for submission in Frontiers: Carbon dioxide removal: Perspectives from the social sciences and humanities 

Abstract Submission Deadline: 10 April 2023; Manuscript Submission Deadline 28 August 2023

The editors (Anders Hansson, Mathias Fridahl, Miranda Boettcher, Shinichiro Asayama) call for submissions on CDR stemming from perspectives within the social sciences and humanities. They encourage novel empirical and theoretical contributions on:

  • CDR-related policy design or analyses of recent policy developments at sub-national, national and international levels of governance, e.g., in context of climate targets and strategies, climate tipping points, mitigation deterrence or societal transformations.
  • Construction of knowledge in scientific discourse, e.g., critical reflections on the scenario/pathway literature and integrated assessment modeling, science communications, IPCC processes or science-policy relations.
  • Historical and contemporary experiences of CDR in different cultural, geographical and political contexts, e.g. case studies, experience from developing countries, equity and responsibility distribution in North-South relations or geopolitical implications.
  • Political and public debates on or controversies over CDR, e.g. using discourse theory or critical science and technology studies (STS) to analyse mass media or social media, scientific trends, ideological connections to CDR or shifting power relations.