Canatoy et al. (2023): Importance of biochar as a key amendment to convert rice paddy into carbon negative

Ronley C. Canatoy, Seung Tak Jeong, Song Rae Cho, Snowie Jane C. Galgo, Pil Joo Kim IN: Science of The Total Environment 873,

To evaluate the net impact of biochar application on the net global warming potential (GWP) in rice paddy, no organic amendment (control), fresh manure, compost, and biochar treatments were selected during the whole investigation period. Compared to compost, biochar application decreased annual CH4 and N2O emissions by 55 and 31 %, respectively. Biochar application converted rice paddy into a C sink having a net GWP of −0.104 to −0.191 Mg CO2-eq ha−1.