Diakun, Aladdin Tingling (2015): Clearing the Air on Geoengineering and Intellectual Property Rights

Diakun, Aladdin Tingling (2015): Clearing the Air on ‚Geoengineering‘ and Intellectual Property Rights. Towards a framework approach. (Master Thesis)

To untangle the issue, this paper focuses on patents and trade secrets as the most relevant categories of intellectual property, and develops a framework within which to situate IP-related concerns, specifically as related to direct air capture, ocean iron fertilization, and stratospheric aerosol spraying. The paper shows that there is no a priori ‚yes or no‘ answer to the question of whether IPRs are desirable and appropriate for ‚geoengineering.‘ Rather, the question of whether they ought to be encouraged or discouraged is highly conditional.