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1000 CDR Companies

by Nori – Carbon Removal Newsroom on Spotify (50 min)

On this episode they talk about some of the big deals that have happened in 2022, the technical aspects of different funding methods, as well as what VC can and cannot do for CDR companies. The group also discuss Adam Neumann’s much-publicised foray into the world of carbon credits.


Recent Science in Ocean CDR

by Nori – Carbon Removal Newsroom on Spotify (43 min)

In recent episodes, the authors covered global policy developments in Ocean CDR regulation and research with Wil Burns and the business challenges in the space with two startups working to develop commercial methods to remove CO2 from the ocean. On this episode they complete the trilogy with a look at some recent science on the topic, focusing on the outstanding scientific questions that will need to be answered before Ocean CDR can be deployed safely and effectively.


4 Xprize winning teams

by Nori – Carbon Removal Newsroom on spotify (1 h 33 min)

This week in the series, four of the teams were introduced that won the Carbon Removal Xprize Milestone award. On April 22nd, Xprize announced the 15 winners of the second round of their competition for carbon removal solutions. Each of these teams was been awarded $1 million to help them compete for the grand prize of $50 million, or 3 $30 million runner-up slots, which will be awarded three years from now.


Carbon Removal: What role must it play?

by Climate Crisis Adivsory on spotify (1h 15 min)

Ade Adepitan hosts the CCAG panel with former BBC science editor David Shukman, New Scientist journalist and podcast host Rowan Hooper, the Brazilian climate journalist Meghie Rodrigues and Jon Burke, UK decarbonisation expert.  There are also contributions from Daffa Praditya, activist from Fridays for Future and postdoctoral research associate Jooeun Yoon.


Growing the carbon dioxide removal market

Series: „Catalyst“ by Shayle Kann on canary media

In this episode, Shayle explores CDR with Ryan Orbuch, a partner at Lowercarbon Capital who leads the firm’s carbon-removal work. Ryan helped to start Stripe’s carbon-removal procurement program and has been involved in Stripe’s nearly $1 billion Frontier Fund.  Key questions around CDR including: What are the key characteristics of an effective carbon-removal technology? What roles do permanence and additionality play? Will investments in removal come at the expense of reducing emissions? Will CDR become a commodity market?


Jan Minx on the IPCC’s latest report on mitigation

by Challenging Climate with Jesse Reynolds and Pete Irvine; Episode 8 (1 h 6 min)

The moderators speak with Jan Minx, Head of Applied Sustainability Science at the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change, and a visiting Professor of Climate Change and Public Policy at The Priestley Centre at the University of Leeds. Jan was a coordinating lead author on the latest IPCC assessment report on mitigation and in this episode, he shares his take-aways from the report. They discuss the roles of individual choice, technological development, and carbon dioxide removal in meeting the climate goals.


Carbon Removal Newsroom Live

by Carbon Removal Newsroom on spotify

In this episode, moderator Radhika is joined by Susan Su and Chris Barnard, plus special guest Erin Burns, Executive Director of Carbon180, for a wide-ranging discussion about carbon removal in 2022. The group touched on some of the most pressing news announced this year: Microsoft’s 2022 purchases, Oxy Petroleum’s big foray into DAC, Carbon180’s Soil Carbon Moonshot proposal, and much more in front of a live Zoom audience. 


Harnessing the Power of the Ocean to Combat Climate Change

by Future Fountain Podcast

Kelly Erhart, Co-Founder and VP of Business Development of Project Vesta, says oceans have been naturally removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for billions of years, but no one has tried to leverage that process and bring it to market. Project Vesta plans to grind a naturally occurring and abundant mineral into a sand that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when dissolved in the ocean and used in coastal-replenishment projects.