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Soil carbon and cover crops

by Nori – Carbon Removal Newsroom at Spotify

In this week’s science-focused episode of Carbon Removal Newsroom, hosts of Nori joined once again by co-host, the executive director of the faculty in crop and soil science at Colorado State University. They are looking at two recently published studies which explore the challenges and opportunities around managing croplands and rangelands to draw down and store atmospheric carbon while making agriculture more sustainable.


Ocean-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal and Geoengineering, with Wil Burns

by Climate Now (39 min)

In this episode, Climate Now explores developing methods to enhance ocean-based carbon dioxide removal. What do we know about each technique, and what are the associated risks? Learn more in the conversation with Dr. Wil Burns, visiting professor at Northwestern University’s Environmental Policy and Culture Program and emeritus co-founding director of the Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy at American University.


New podcast: Challenging Climate

by Dr. Pete Irvine and Dr. Jesse Reynolds at youtube, Apple, Spotify

Asking tough questions about the science, technology, and politics of climate change, two climate researchers challenge leading experts on one of the defining issues of our age. Every two weeks, they explore how we can fight global warming by cutting greenhouse gas emissions, carbon removal, adaptation and solar geoengineering. They consider the roles of computer models and persuasive narratives, economics and public policy, and renewable energy and national security in the climate debate, and look beyond to issues such as biotechnology and international development.


Mapping rock weathering across the U.S.

by Nori – Carbon Removal Newsroom (at Spotify)

In this week’s episode, hosts Radhika Moolgavkar of Nori and Holly Jean Buck of the University at Buffalo are joined by co-host Dr. Jane Zelikova, executive director of the Soil Carbon Solutions Center and joint faculty in crop and soil science at Colorado State University. New research is discussed which explores the relationship between geology, climate, and weathering rates across the continental United States, as well as an opinion piece in the journal Global Change Biology, arguing that biological processes will also affect the carbon removal potential of enhanced weathering.


Fans of removals – an insight into Direct Air Carbon Capture and Storage

by Carbon Matters

Recorded just prior to COP 26, in this episode Amy Ruddock, VP Europe for Carbon Engineering talks with Steven Hall and Tom Mansfield (Carbon Removal Centre) on the developments of Direct Air Carbon Capture as a tool for carbon dioxide removal and its potential to supply non-fossil sourced carbon to industrial process such as synthetic aviation fuel (36 min in total).


Special Edition: The Law of Enhanced Weathering for Carbon Dioxide Removal

Climate discourse with Kate McKenzie (at Applepodcast)

Kate was joined by Wil Burns for a special edition of the Climate Discourse podcast to discuss the fascinating science and legal complexities of carbon removal law. They were joined by Romany Web to talk about a series of papers she published on the law of enhanced weathering for carbon dioxide removal. This is the first episode in a series highlighting some of the most important research in this area. (40 min in total)


Podcast: Carbon Removal at COP26 & the US commits billions towards DAC

by Nori (Carbon Removal Newsroom at Spotify)

The most significant Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) policy updates from COP26 were summarized here. Many countries are pledging to bring their emissions to net-zero in the next few decades. What are the specifics of these new pledges, how does CDR fit into all of this, and what needs to happen to push the CDR industry forward in a timely manner?