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Launchpad cohort 2 application

Deadline: June 8 2023

Developed in 2021, Ocean Visions’ Launchpad program supports selected companies using ocean-based approaches that are competing for the $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal. Ocean Visions are now initiating Launchpad’s second cohort, and want to expand the search profile beyond XPRIZE participants to include all innovators working on ocean-based CDR pathways, as well as those who are enabling or improving the understanding of these pathways. The latter includes innovators working on improving monitoring or measurement (as part of MRV) of ocean-based CDR, as well as addressing knowledge gaps identified in the Ocean Visions Road Maps, such as developing in water tools for autonomous CDR operations or addressing engineering challenges to better deliver or measure ocean-based CDR.


UK Start-up Launches Seaweed Project To Combat Climate Change

by Agility PR Solutions, einnews.com, May 10, 2023, 00:43 GMT

„Carbon Kapture, a start-up dedicated to the removal of CO₂ from the atmosphere, announce the launch of its first seaweed farm. The company has developed a business model allowing its customers to sponsor seaweed grown on ropes to absorb CO₂ directly from the sea. It then converts the seaweed into biochar, a stable form of carbon that can be used to enrich soil and reduce the need for fertiliser. Carbon Kapture has partnered with shellfish farmers in Ireland to grow the seaweed, with plans for its first farm to become even larger than Amazon’s newly funded North Sea Farm 1 project by the end of the year.“


New Funding Tool Available for Seaweed Researchers

by David Koweek, Sarah Mastroni (Ocean Vision)

Ocean Visions releases a database of global funding opportunities that can support research and development of ocean-based carbon dioxide removal technologies, and specifically, for sinking marine biomass. This database contains detailed information about specific grant opportunities hosted by an array of international public, philanthropic, and private funders, as well as more general information about the funders themselves.


Neues Start-up entwickelt Algenfarmen zur Züchtung von Makroalgen

Roland Koch (AWI) auf idw-online.de, 27.04.23

„In Las Palmas auf den Kanarischen Inseln wurde die Firma MACROCARBON SL ins Leben gerufen. Sie ist eine Ausgründung aus dem Alfred-Wegener-Institut, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung (AWI) und Carbonwave. Das Start-up entwickelt Algenfarmen, in denen die Makroalge Sargassum gezüchtet werden soll. Diese Algen binden große Mengen an CO2 und dienen gleichzeitig der Herstellung neuer Grundstoffe für die Chemische Industrie.


Shopify Climate Report 2022

In late 2019, Shopify launched Shopify’s Sustainability Fund, which houses all of their environmental investments and initiatives. This report provides an update on the 2022 Sustainability Fund solutions and how they continue to evolve their initiatives to meet the needs of the climate, their business and their merchants’ businesses.


Using slaked lime to fight climate change

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, April 04, 2023

„A large-scale experiment on the island of Helgoland examines a potential solution for the long-term removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with the help of the ocean. A team of 30 researchers investigates whether the ocean can absorb more carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere through the addition of slaked lime and what influence this has on plankton communities in the sea.“


European Marine Board: Working Group Blue Carbon

The aim of the working group is to provide a concise overview of Blue Carbon, including recommendations relevant for policy and future research funding. The final output will be a Policy Brief to be published in autumn 2023. Chair: Sheila Heymans (EMB); Working Group Members: Griet Neukermans (Ugent, Belgium), Hans-Otto Pörtner (AWI, Germany), Jean-Pierre Gattuso (CNRS, France), Natalie Hicks (U Essex, UK), Peter Landschützer (VLIZ, Belgium).


Setting up the Carbdown Greenhouse Experiment 2023

„Carbon Drawdown Initiative has built a new greenhouse experiment in January 2023 that will help to understand the processes of Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) in soils using over 300 pot experiments that are monitored with a number of MRV (monitoring, reporting and verification) approaches for the next 24-36 months. For the experiment all parameters that will potentially speed up the reaction are maximized to create the fastest and strongest weathering signal possible. LoRaWan sensors are used to measure moisture, electrical conductivity, pH, water levels and CO₂ in soil and ambient air. In this article the reasoning for the experiment design is outlined and the actual building process is documented.“


North-Seafarmers: The Hands-On Seaweed Sector Organisation

North Sea Farmers (NSF) is an independent and not-for-profit sector organisation for the European seaweed industry. By enabling their members to become successful with their seaweed ambitions NSF hope to shape an innovative and prosperous sector in Europe. NSF works in the entire seaweed value chain and facilitates knowledge exchange on sustainable seaweed cultivation, production, marketing, education, policies and research, and facilitates joint innovation projects.