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Stockholm Exergi’s project for negative emissions receives EU support

by PR Newswire at finanznachrichten.de

The European Commission announced today that Stockholm Exergi’s project for negative emissions – BECCS@STHLM (Bio Energy Carbon Capture and Storage) – has advanced to the last step in the selection process to receive support from the European Innovation Fund. The project was selected based on its potential to transform the European energy industry and mitigate climate change.


CDRsynTra has started

Ten new collaborative projects on carbon dioxide removal (CDR) will be funded under the research call “Methods of Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)” by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The Synthesis and Transfer project “CDRSynTra” started on November 1, 2021 and will conduct the overall scientific synthesis of land-based and marine CDR methods in a holistic way. Currently, 5 projects of the research call have already started. More detailed information on the BMBF funding program „Methods of Carbon Dioxide Removal“ can also be found at FONA.de as well as in the BMBF press release (in German).

LINK Fona.de

LINK BMBF press release

Blue Carbon Assessment Project

Scientists want to find out how much carbon the oceans can absorb. A multimillion dollar partnership between insurance group Convex Group Ltd and the Blue Marine Foundation will allow researchers to spend five years building an open-access database showing how much carbon the world’s seabeds can store.


The YES! – Young Economic Summit

Topic for 2022: Paris climate targets – how can negative emissions and climate engineering help limiting temperature rise?

Deadline: 12th December 2021

The YES! – Young Economic Summit is a school competition based in Germany and aims to open doors and sets a stage for new and creative ideas of the next generation. High school students deal with global problems in the realm of economy, policy, society and environment. They take on responsibility for the most pressing challenges of today and tomorrow and make their voices heard. Students aim to find innovative solutions in order to create the world the youth of today wants to live in tomorrow. In November, we will be able to share details on how to register as an international team.


Project: Puro.earth launches the Pre-CORC framework to unlock carbon removal scaling

„At Puro.earth, we aim to accelerate the pace of the voluntary carbon removal market by providing corporate buyers new ways to help grow the supply.That’s why today we launch the Pre-CORC Framework, a service to match early-stage high-quality carbon removal projects with corporate offtakers who want to secure their supply of negative emissions to fulfill net zero pledges.“