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OCB’s mCDR Workshop on Youtube

by Ocean Carbon & Biogeochemistry OCB on Youtube.com

An OCB Workshop was held on September 27-30, 2022 (University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography, Narragansett, RI). The central goal of this workshop was to build the OCB community’s capacity to conduct research on Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of marine CDR by identifying priorities, pathways and best practices in this relatively new area. 7 videos are are uploaded here, respectively from Session 1. MRV lessons from land-based CDR, blue carbon, and ocean acidification research Session 2. Developing MRV recommendations for mCDR Session 3. Models, Methods, and Measurements Part 1. Permanence Part 2. Sea-Air Flux Session 4. MRV in an Ecosystem Context Session 5. MRV and Justice Synthesis and Future Directions.


Recording of „Carbon Dioxide Removal and Environmental Justice“

by Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy, Northwestern University on youtube.com, 1h 38 min

Second Annual Conference on Carbon Dioxide Removal Law & Policy: Session 2. The purpose of this panel was to continue the colloquy between the carbon removal and environmental justice communities by exploring some of the key issues that must be considered in seeking to reconcile the potential for large-scale deployment of carbon dioxide removal approaches and protection of the interests of some of the most vulnerable sectors of society.


4th Annual Global Climate Restoration Forum Workshop: Advancing R&D in Ocean-based CDR

by Foundation of Climate Restoration on youtube.com, 27 min

The most-attended workshop of this year’s F4CR’s Fourth Annual Global Climate Restoration Forum (September 13-14, 2022) was „Advancing R&D in Ocean-based CDR (carbon dioxide removal)“ facilitated by Sarah Mastroni and Nikhil Neelakantan from Ocean Visions. In this workshop, they focused on how to balance the need to build social acceptance of ocean-based carbon removal projects with the need for swift and decisive action.


NDR Serie salty FiSH: „Klimawandel in SH – Die Kelpwälder vor Helgoland“

Philipp Jeß und Jonas Drescher (NDR Forschungstaucher), Video 20 min

In der 1. Folge ihrer neuen NDR Doku-Serie „salty FiSH“ beschreiben die beiden NDR Autoren in „Klimawandel in SH: Die Kelpwälder vor Helgoland“, wie Forscher:innen des Verbundes „sea4soCiety“ der deutschen Forschungsmission CDRmare mit verschiedenen Methoden (u.a. Video, Hydroakustik, Drohne, Fernerkundung) die Verbreitung der großen Braunalgen vor Helgoland erstmals großflächig kartieren. Ein weiteres Thema ist die Analyse von Wasserproben, um herauszufinden, was mit dem gelösten Kohlenstoff passiert, den der Kelp in seine Umgebung abgibt.  Längerfristig soll erforscht werden, unter welchen Bedingungen die Wiederaufforstung von Tangwäldern in der Nordsee am erfolgreichsten wäre, um die CO2-Aufnahmekapazität zu erhöhen.