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Two Postdoctoral researcher positions in Earth system sciences at the University of Munich

Deadline: 2023-04-26

The chair for Physical Geography and Land Use Systems (Prof. Julia Pongratz) at LMU’s Department of Geography is seeking two postdocs in Earth system sciences. The working group develops and applies the latest generation of land and Earth system models and integrates them with observations. Key research questions are the fate of natural ecosystems under the pressures of land use and climate change, Earth system feedbacks via energy, water and biogeochemical cycles, and assessing the role that the terrestrial vegetation can play for greenhouse gas emissions reduction and CO2 removals in support of the Paris Agreement. The team is strongly involved in large international collaborations such as the Global Carbon Project, CMIP and IPCC.

Program Officer: Ocean Visions – UN Decade Collaborative Center for Ocean-Climate Solutions & Global Ecosystem for Ocean Solutions  

No Deadline

Ocean Visions seeks a Program Officer (PO) to help support and coordinate all aspects of the Ocean Visions – UN Decade Collaborative Center for Ocean-Climate Solutions (OV-UN DCC) and the Global Ecosystem for Ocean Solutions (GEOS) program. This includes organizing and/or helping to facilitate various functions and initiatives, assisting with the creation of new expert groups (e.g. communities of practice, task forces, working groups, etc.), organizing webinars and workshops, fundraising, and more.


Postdoctoral Investigator in the Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Department

Applications will be reviewed starting February 15, 2023, until the position is filled.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is currently searching for a Postdoctoral Investigator to join the Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Department. The successful candidate will develop and execute a scaled series of ship-based ocean alkalinity enhancement field trials; will work with an interdisciplinary set of colleagues in the Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry and Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Departments to select appropriate deployment sites; plan the trials; and analyze and synthesize field data to characterize the alkalinity and carbon budgets of the deployed plumes.


Doctoral Research Assistant (m/f/d)

Deadline: 19th February 2023

The Department of Applied Ecology (Professorship for Research into Climate Impacts) in Geisenheim in the Rheingau region (50 km west of Frankfurt/Main) is seeking a doctoral research assistant on part-time basis (65%) for the period of three years.

In a joint project on strategies for CO 2 removal from the atmosphere, researchers from Geisenheim University (HGU), the University of Hamburg, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and the Ithaka Institute will explore synergies of combining two methods of „carbondioxide removal“ (CDR) – the use of biochar and rock flour in agriculture. The candidate on the HGU side applies methods of crop science (soil science, plant nutrition), greenhouse gas flux measurements, and uses stable isotopes ( 13C-CO 2) to quantify C input and fate in soils.


Four job openings (2 PhDs, 2 Postdocs) at GEOMAR in relation to ocean alkalinity enhancement

Application deadline: February 6th, 2023

GEOMAR is hiring for 1 postdoc and 2 PhD positions in pelagic ecology and/or biogeochemistry in the research unit Biological Oceanography and 1 postdoc position in modelling physical-biogeochemical interactions of ocean alkalinity enhancement in the research unit Marine Biogeochemical Modelling:

All positions are part of the consortium style international research project “OCEAN ALK-ALIGN: Aligning Ocean alkalinity for sustainable, safe and verifiable long-term CO2 removal” that will investigate the potential of ocean alkalinity enhancement (OAE) as a means of CDR. OCEAN ALK-ALIGN aims to close existing knowledge gaps by investigating three aspects essential for possible OAE implementation: (1) the efficiency and permanence of CO2 removal; (2) environmental safety; (3) monitoring and verification.

Scientific researcher (m/f/x) modeling Earth system feedbacks

Deadline for application: Feb 12, 2023

The chair for Physical Geography and Land Use Systems (Prof. Julia Pongratz) at LMU’s Department of Geography (University of Munich, Germany) is looking for a scientific researcher.

The scientific researcher will be part of the Horizon Europe project “RESCUE”, which comprises a large model intercomparison project to quantify the Earth system response to pathways achieving climate neutrality by Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) deployment. A special focus lies on Earth system feedbacks and aspects of reversibility and environmental risks under scenarios of temperature overshoot. In RESCUE, the scientific researcher at LMU will

  • contribute to the design of CDR scenarios as a collaboration of Earth system and socioeconomic modelers,
  • set up, run and analyze model simulations of the ICON/MPI Earth System Model,
  • further develop methods of “detection and attribution” in order to improve recommendations on the setup of observational systems for early detection of CDR signals and side-effects,
  • take a leading role in the development of scientific publications.


Postdoctoral position & Project Coordinator in Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement

CERC.OCEAN is currently seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral scholar to work on development of Monitoring and Verification (MRV) Frameworks for Ocean-based Carbon Dioxide Removal in Canadian Atlantic Waters (Bedford Basin, Canada). This MITACS Elevate-sponsored position provides a opportunity to gain experience working closely with a R&D-focused sensor company in addition to the research component of the project.

Furthermore, they are looking for a highly motivated Project Coordinator to support the execution of a 5-year R&D project focussed on Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement as a strategy to mitigate climate warming (Deadline 23 January).


Project Scientist Biogeochemistry

No Deadline

Skyology is a USA-based carbon capture startup and is recently partnered with Ocean Impact Organization and Energy Lab (the same startup competition that Wave Swell Energy, Next Protein, and Matter, among others, have participated in). They are now preparing to bring their first pilot project to the Pacific Ocean and are seeking a project scientist in biogeochemistry/oceanography. San Fransisco, CA; Semi-Remote; 30h/per week.


Postdoc in land-based CO2 removal strategies

Deadline: 2nd January 2023

The University of Sheffield (UK) offers an exciting opportunity for a talented individual interested in climate change mitigation to join the School of
Biosciences to investigate the unexamined and unintended consequences of large-scale deployment of land-based CO2 removal (CDR) strategies (reforestation, peatland restoration, bioenergy crops and enhanced rock weathering), and the extent to which these strategies can help the UK meet targets set in their Net Zero commitment. The candidate will join the group led by Dr Maria Val Martin at the University of Sheffield and work under a UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) funded project “The Net-Zero emissions challenge: Quantifying unintended climate feedbacks from large-scale deployment of land-based CDR strategies”.