Monat: Juni 2016

CfA: SOLAS Science and Society Workshop seeking application

Deadline 15. July 2016

„The Surface Ocean – Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) project is pleased to announce that a free workshop on the topic of `SOLAS Science and Society` will take place in late October this year. The workshop will bring together researchers in the field of ocean-atmosphere interactions and social scientists. […] This is a rather bold new step for SOLAS scientists, as to date the most intense coupling in our community has been only on the topic of geoengineering.“


MacMartin, Douglas G.; Kravitz, Ben (2016): Multi-model dynamic climate emulator for solar geoengineering

MacMartin, Douglas G.; Kravitz, Ben (2016): Multi-model dynamic climate emulator for solar geoengineering. In Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss., pp. 1–14. DOI 10.5194/acp-2016-535.

Climate emulators trained on existing simulations can be used to project the climate effects that would result from different possible future pathways of anthropogenic forcing, without relying on general circulation model (GCM) simulations for every possible pathway. We extend this idea to include different amounts of solar geoengineering in addition to different pathways of green-house gas concentrations by training emulators from a multi-model ensemble of simulations from the Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project (GeoMIP).


Keith, David W.; et al. (2016): Modeling the effects of climate engineering

Keith, David W.; Wagner, Gernot; Moreno-Cruz, Juan B. (2016): Modeling the effects of climate engineering. In Science 352 (6293), pp. 1526–1527. DOI 10.1126/science.aag1630

„SRM is an important part of the future climate policy research agenda, as illustrated by the latest National Academy of
Sciences report. Economists need to embrace research on SRM technologies, recognize their capacity to disrupt
the climate policy agenda, focus on understanding the new impacts and risks introduced, and integrate this new[nbsp] understanding into models and policy design.“


Reynolds, Jesse (2016): Climate engineering and international law

Reynolds, Jesse (2016): Climate engineering and international law. In Daniel A. Faber, Marjan Peeters (Eds.): Climate Change Law. Cheltenham: Elgar (Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law, 1), pp. 178–188.

„After introducing climate engineering, this chapter suggests why climate engineering is challenging for international environmental law and its scholars, briefly describes applicable international legal instruments and reviews the existing legal scholarship on the international environmental law of climate engineering, with particular attention to proposals for future international regulation. It closes with suggestions for future research.“

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Human Meets Nature: An Atmosphere for Geoengineering

„Val Plumwood, the late Australian Eco-feminist philosopher, wrote that ’’the sado-dispassionate is the dominant mode of the Rational Heroes in science and capitalism. Given the Hero’s current treatment of the global environment, we have reason to suspect that the west’s sado-dispassionate cultural drama of reason and nature may unfold to a conclusion where the Hero of Reason chokes the life from his planetary partner in his final sadistic act of mastery.’’“