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Can ‘enhanced rock weathering’ help combat climate change?

by Jonah Fisher, BBCNews, 21.05.2023

„In a quarry surrounded by the din of heavy machinery Jim Mann crouches down and picks up a handful of tiny black rocks. „This is my magic dust,“[…] UNDO has plans to rapidly scale up over the next few years and has attracted some serious supporters. Microsoft has agreed to pay for 25,000 tonnes of basalt to be scattered on UK fields. As part of the deal Microsoft will also help audit the project and verify that it is working as intended.[…]This year UNDO is planning to spread 185,000 tonnes of basalt and hopes by 2025 to have removed a million tonnes of CO2.“


Average annual net carbon sink of Gracilaria cultivation in China from 2021 to 2030 may double last decade’s

by Science China Press, on phys.org, May 17, 2023

„A marine research team led by Professor Yan Qingyun has proposed a method to assess the net carbon sink of marine macroalgae (Gracilaria) cultivation. Then, they calculated the net carbon sink of Gracilaria in China based on the yield of annual cultivated Gracilaria in the last ten years.“


Australia to scale up offshore carbon capture storage

on channelnewsasia.com, May 16, 2023

„Australia plans to scale up its capability for offshore carbon capture and storage (CCS) and will shortly seek public feedback on a new round of greenhouse gas storage acreage, the country’s resources minister said on Tuesday. The country, one of the world’s largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporters, is banking on CCS technology to decarbonise its industries and continue expanding its LNG production to meet demand from top buyers such as Japan and South Korea.“


Top 20 Direct Air Capture Companies In 2023 

by Petya Trendafilova on carbonherald.com, May 12, 2023

„DACCS is a preferred method of tackling excess CO2 emissions as the overall process will achieve carbon dioxide removal and be a “negative emissions technology” (NET). The industry is still nascent but there are a number of direct air capture companies that have been working on advancing DAC technology since the 2000s. The list of 20 direct air capture companies represents the top players in the sector with many more expected to enter the space to help scale the technology worldwide.“


Now is the time to lean in on federal procurement of carbon removal

by Sasha Stashwick on Carbon180, May 10, 2023

„Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed the beginning of a genuine national commitment to carbon removal within the US climate agenda. And yet the amount of carbon removal we’ll need by mid-century is more than we can expect to build given the federal policies on the books today. In other words, we need additional policies to deliver gigatons of high-accountability, just, and durable carbon removal.“


Can we fight climate change by sinking carbon into the sea?

by Alison F. Takemura on canarymedia.com, May 11, 2023

„Hundreds of companies are pursuing a broad range of approaches, from direct air capture (deploying large machines to pull CO2 out of the air) to carbon-removal strategies that purport to harness natural systems to sequester carbon. Two Israeli companies are betting that by trapping biomass deep underwater, they can keep gigatons of CO2 out of the atmosphere.“


What is carbon capture? Some say it will help save the world, for others it’s a dangerous distraction

by Laura Paddison, CNN, May 11, 2023 8:43 AM EDT

„The window to prevent catastrophic climate change is closing. Concentrations of planet-warming carbon pollution in the air are at their highest level in more than 2 million years – and the world has yet to even hit peak fossil fuel emissions. The crisis is so urgent that scientists and governments are scrambling to find ways to remove some of this carbon pollution from the air, and to capture what’sstill being produced by power plants and industrial facilities. Long considered controversial, these techniques are increasingly landing a starring role in climate policies.“


UK plans carbon capture ‘treasure mapping’ for North Sea to attract investors and developers

by Davide Ghilotti, upstreamonline.com, 9 May 2023 14:53

„Regulator will have powers to compile survey data into ‘most comprehensive’ picture of carbon storage capacity. […] The aim is to produce what the government described as the “most comprehensive picture yet of UK’s carbon capture and storage potential” for prospective investors and developers.“


UK Start-up Launches Seaweed Project To Combat Climate Change

by Agility PR Solutions, einnews.com, May 10, 2023, 00:43 GMT

„Carbon Kapture, a start-up dedicated to the removal of CO₂ from the atmosphere, announce the launch of its first seaweed farm. The company has developed a business model allowing its customers to sponsor seaweed grown on ropes to absorb CO₂ directly from the sea. It then converts the seaweed into biochar, a stable form of carbon that can be used to enrich soil and reduce the need for fertiliser. Carbon Kapture has partnered with shellfish farmers in Ireland to grow the seaweed, with plans for its first farm to become even larger than Amazon’s newly funded North Sea Farm 1 project by the end of the year.“