Vienne et al. (2022): Enhanced weathering using basalt rock powder: carbon sequestration, co-benefits and risks in a mesocosm study with Solanum tuberosum

Arthur Vienne, Silvia Poblador Ibanez, Miguel Portillo-Estrada, Jens Hartmann, Samuel Ijiehon, Peter Wade, Sara Vicca IN: Frontiers in Climate, doi: 10.3389/fclim.2022.869456

Enhanced weathering (EW) of silicate rocks can remove CO2 from the atmosphere, while potentially delivering co-benefits for agriculture (e.g. reduced nitrogen losses, increased yields). However, quantification of inorganic carbon sequestration through EW and potential risks in terms of heavy metal contamination have rarely been assessed. Here, the authors investigate EW in a mesocosm experiment with Solanum tuberosum growing on alkaline soil.