Jayakrishnan et al. (2022): Contrasting climate and carbon-cycle consequences of fossil-fuel use versus deforestation disturbance

KU Jayakrishnan, Govindasamy Bala, Long Cao, Ken Caldeira IN: Environmental Research Letters, accepted, doi.org/10.1088/1748-9326/ac69fd

In this study, using a set of idealized global climate-carbon model simulations with equal amounts of CO2 emissions, the authors show that on century to millennial timescales the response of the climate system to fossil-fuel burning versus deforestation disturbance are vastly different. The authors performed two 1000-year simulations where they add abrupt emissions of about 600 PgC to the preindustrial state as a consequence of either fossil fuel use or deforestation disturbance with vegetation regrowth.