Proelß (2022): Marine CO2-Entnahmetechniken im deutschen Recht

Alexander Proelß IN: Zeitschrift für Europäisches Umwelt- und Planungsrecht; EurUP 3/2022 (Jg. 20), Seite 321 – 332; in German

This article examines Germany’s regulation of ocean-based negative emissions technologies and demonstrates the legislature’s domestic implementation of the London Protocol and its 2013 amendment on “marine geoengineering.” This article notes that the German legislature has deviated from the regulatory approach of the 2013 amendment, adopting even stricter requirements to be applied in the context of negative emissions technologies in German waters. In doing so, it provides a comprehensive analysis of the classification, exceptions and permit procedure (potentially) applicable in the case of specific carbon removal activities, including ocean fertilization, artificial upwelling, and seaweed cultivation. By providing a timely examination of the overlap and nuances involved in Germany’s domestic regulation of ocean-based negative emissions technologies, the article stresses that a complete understanding of the different applicable domestic Acts is necessary for an accurate evaluation of the legality of any particular carbon dioxide removal activity.