Schlagwort: climate politics

Pereira et al. (2021): From fAIrplay to climate wars: making climate change scenarios more dynamic, creative, and integrative

Laura M. Pereira, David R. Morrow, Valentina Aquila, Brian Beckage, Sam Beckbesinger, Lauren Beukes, Holly J. Buck, Colin J. Carlson , Oliver Geden, Andrew P. Jones, David P. Keller, Katharine J. Mach, Mohale Mashigo, Juan B. Moreno-Cruz, Daniele Visioni, Simon Nicholson, Christopher H. Trisos IN: Ecology and Society 26(4):30;

„We offer a step-by-step guide to the modified Manoa Mash-up method to generate more integrative, creative, and dynamic scenarios; reflect on broader implications of using this method for generating more dynamic scenarios for climate change research and policy; and provide examples of using the scenarios in climate policy communication, including a choose-your-own adventure game called Survive the Century (, which was played by over 15,000 people in the first 2 weeks of launching.“

LINK COP26 – Key Outcomes From the UN Climate Talks in Glasgow

By Helen Mountford, David Waskow, Lorena Gonzalez, Chirag Gajjar, Nathan Cogswell, Mima Holt, Taryn Fransen, Molly Bergen and Rhys Gerholdt (World Resources Institute)

„Despite significant headway on several fronts, national climate and financing commitments still fell far short of what is needed to come to grips with the climate challenge. Here’s a summary of where things landed at COP26.“


Carbon 180: The future of Direct Air Capture is knocking

by Peter Minor, PhD, director of science and innovation

A few start-ups have embraced new innovations that will greatly accelerate the path to gigaton-scale removal. C180’s been keeping an eye out, and they have identified three core developments that could supercharge the DAC industry — and the policy support needed to implement them.


Fact Sheet: Carbon Dioxide Removal

US Department of Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is already investing in several CDR pathways and is also seeking to expand carbon storage demonstration and is leading an interagency CDR task force pursuing the advancement of many CDR approaches. The office of fossil energy and carbon management has published this factsheet.


Report: The Global Status of CCS 2021

Guloren Turan and Alex Zapantis (Global CCS Institute)

The Global Status of CCS 2021 documents important milestones for CCS over the past 12 months, its status across the world and the key opportunities and challenges it faces. They hope this report will be read and used by governments, policy-makers, academics, media commentators and the millions of people who care about our climate.


Dicussion paper: Carbon Dioxide Removal Strategy for the EU

Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf (International and European Governance Ecologic Institute Berlin)

The EU’s debate on carbon dioxide removals (CDRs) is gaining momentum, but in important parts it is still a mystery. Basics of an EU framework for CDR remain unclear. This paper discusses a CDR strategy for the EU. It examines why the EU should have a CDR strategy and explores the main elements.