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Jayakrishnan et al. (2022): Contrasting climate and carbon-cycle consequences of fossil-fuel use versus deforestation disturbance

KU Jayakrishnan, Govindasamy Bala, Long Cao, Ken Caldeira IN: Environmental Research Letters, accepted,

In this study, using a set of idealized global climate-carbon model simulations with equal amounts of CO2 emissions, the authors show that on century to millennial timescales the response of the climate system to fossil-fuel burning versus deforestation disturbance are vastly different. The authors performed two 1000-year simulations where they add abrupt emissions of about 600 PgC to the preindustrial state as a consequence of either fossil fuel use or deforestation disturbance with vegetation regrowth.


EU ETS 101- A beginner’s guide to the EU’s Emissions Trading System

by Wijnand Stoefs (CMW) and the Emissions Trading Extra consortium; LIFE ETX (2021) EU ETS 101, published: February 2022

This beginner’s guide to the EU ETS aims to build knowledge and understanding of Europe’s carbon market for civil society organisations who have little or no prior experience with EU climate policies, especially in countries in the EU neighbourhood. It provides introductory knowledge on how the EU ETS is designed and how it functions.


Podcast: Lina Burnelius on Sweden’s forestry model: sustainable or greenwash? (Economy, Land & Climate Insight)

„‚The reality is that the forestry industry in Sweden are alone emitting more greenhouse gas emissions than all of Sweden’s terrestrial emission sources combined…‘ In this episode Alasdair MacEwen talks to Lina Burnelius of Protect the Forest Sweden about the Swedish forestry model and the threat that industry poses to biodiversity and the survival of ancient Forests.“


Podcast: DAC’s carbon footprint

„Does the carbon footprint of Direct Air Capture negate its environmental benefits? Balint Simon discusses his paper, „Material flows and Embodied Energy of Direct Air Capture“. This episode was presented by (genuine expert) guest Reviewer 2 Matteo Gazzani, who even seemed to have read the paper! 10.33774/chemrxiv-2021-bpg5d.“


Buck, Holly Jean (2021): Ending Fossil Fuels. Why Net Zero is not Enough

Buck, Holly Jean (2021): Ending Fossil Fuels. Why Net Zero is not Enough. New York, NY: Verso.

„Ending the Fossil Fuel Industry is the only credible path for climate policy. Around the world, countries and companies are setting net-zero carbon emissions targets. But what will it mean if those targets are achieved? One possibility is that fossil fuel companies will continue to produce billions of tons of atmospheric CO2 while relying on a symbiotic industry to scrub the air clean. Focusing on emissions draws our attention away from the real problem: the point of production. The fossil fuel industry must come to an end but will not depart willingly; governments must intervene. By embracing a politics of rural-urban coalitions and platform governance, climate advocates can build the political power needed to nationalize the fossil fuel industry and use its resources to draw carbon out of the atmosphere.“


CNBC: Climate experts are worried about the toughest carbon emissions for companies to capture

„Scope 3 carbon emissions, or those not part of operations or under direct control, represent the majority of the carbon footprint for most companies, in some cases as high as 85% to 95%. As companies lay out ambitious carbon reduction targets and net-zero pledges for the decades ahead, slow progress on tracking Scope 3 emissions has climate experts worried.“